Theme Week

***THEME WEEK (October 19th – 25th)***

Theme Week (How it works!)

Theme – Halloween! … interpret it as you will.

Dates –

October 19th – October 25th (Participation dates)

October 27th – October 31st (Voting dates)

How do I participate? – You dress up on your league night with your team! The host of you league will take a photo of your team and submit it to the office.

How do I vote? – On October 27th Baltimore Social will publish a Facebook Album entitled Fall Theme Week – “Halloween”. The winning photo will be the photo with the most likes+shares+tags!!! (Voting will be held for October 27th through October 31st. The winner will be announced on November 1st)

Prize – The winning team will receive a $300 bar tab at their leagues sponsor bar!

Important to remember – Only host can take pictures. No cheating on the FB voting. Have fun!

Scoring = likes+shares+tags… as of midnight October 31st.


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